The Oregon Trail

One of my favorite things about Idaho is that there are so many places to explore, and many times we don’t run into other people when we’re there. This Saturday we went to hike a trail that we had never been to before. Mom really wanted to get a picture of me with a pretty landscape behind me. We headed to the Oregon Trail Reserve in the morning in search of good times and great views.


While we only saw one other person on the trail, there were tons of crickets, bugs, and birds out. My favorite thing is to chase the shadows of all the flying creatures. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to go on a hike. The weather has been so hot, with added poor air quality from nearby wildfires, that we’ve been stuck inside most days. I was eager to get out on the trail, and speed-walked with mom up the trail.


Once we got far enough down the trail, we reached some amazing views. Behind me you can see the Boise River and Black Cliffs. There were so many cool views from up here! I even spotted some fly fishermen down below in the river. The only way this day could’ve gotten better is if we were able to take a dip in the river after our hike. Luckily, mom says that our next adventure will involve water, and I can’t wait!


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