Downtown Boise

For those of you who don’t know, Boise is the capitol of Idaho. In the spirit of my boss attitude, mom decided to take me to the Capitol building for a photoshoot. Of course, I felt perfectly at home in a place that holds lots of power. We started our trip around downtown at the Cecil D. Andrus Park across from the Capitol. It’s a great place to find some shade, and sit on a bench (or the grass) in the shade.


After we enjoyed the park and Capitol, we walked around downtown. We strolled down 8th Street, and even made a new friend! An older man approached my mom at a crosswalk and asked if I was an English Setter. He told her that he and his wife had two Setters and complimented how beautiful I am, (I know I am, but I love to hear it from other people). Mom loves when people are familiar with English Setters and enjoys talking to them about the breed. On the flip side of that, lots of people approach my mom to ask what breed of dog I am, and one of her favorite things is educating people on English Setters.


Downtown Boise can get hot in the afternoons, so I was ready for a drink of water. On the way back to the car, we passed Boise City Hall. Outside of City Hall is a sculpture with water that flows over the ground around it. My first instinct was to lay down in the water to cool off. Mom thinks it’s funny that instead of drinking water, I’ll immediately lay down in any water we come across on our adventures. While I was soaking up the water and sun, a couple of kids came over to the fountain to splash around me. Boy, was I ready for a nap after that adventure!



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