We Missed You!

The last few months have been more than a little hectic, but we have so many new adventures to share with you all. Mom has been sick for a few months now, and had to get her gallbladder taken out, so we’ve had some down time to focus more on my Instagram. Since the blog caters more to stories of our adventures, we haven’t had a lot to share until now.


The weather has finally been getting warmer to allow for more time spent outside. Lately we’ve been going on an adventure at least once a day when mom is feeling up to it. We’re trying to go to lots of different parks around the Boise area because mom wants me to be exposed to different people and places. Lately one of our favorite parks has been Julius Kliener Park in Meridian. I like going to walk around the park with mom because there are so many things to see. In the middle of the park is a pond that has lots of ducks and geese. My favorite thing is watching the birds fly around, (and of course trying to chase them).


For some reason mom won’t let me go after any of them, but they smell so good. We also have met some other dog friends at this park. Mom says I prefer dog friends that are smaller than me, but I try to get along with the bigger dogs, too. Right by the park is a shopping center called The Village. We were at the park on a Saturday evening and mom took me to walk around the stores and restaurants. There were lots of people, and I wanted to say hi and see what people had in their bags. Some might call me a little snoop. My favorite part of The Village is that all of the doors to the stores were open, so I tried to do some shopping while I was there. Unfortunately, they didn’t accept puppy kisses as a form of payment. Can’t wait to share more stories of what we’ve been up to and what’s to come over the summer!



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