Eagle Island

Our big adventures have been limited recently as mom hasn’t felt up to doing much. But, she had a good day last Saturday, and we were able to visit a new park that I had never been to before! Eagle Island State Park is close to our house and has lots going on year round. In the summer, there’s swimming, a water slide, and a frisbee golf course. In the winter, there’s tubing and skiing, plus trails to walk and horseback ride all year. Boy, was this place fun!


When we first got out of the car, we could hear cows mooing off in the distance. We never did find the cows, but I’m not sure that I would’ve liked them if we did. There were plenty of open, grassy areas for us to stop and take pictures. Some even had the snow-covered mountains in the background. There were also lots of other people around with their families and dogs as it was one of the first warm days we’ve had, but I didn’t seem to mind.


I was so interested in all of the smells that were around. There were definitely lots of animals here, (I picked up on all of the birds). What really peaked my interest was these huge dogs that mom called, “horses.” I don’t see those very often, and I’m not too sure what they are, but boy are they weird looking. I would back away and stare up at them, frozen, until they had passed by. You can never be too careful around things that big! Especially when they were all over the place. The people on the horses repeatedly told me how pretty I am though, so I let them move along without barking. It seems as though everyone likes me wherever I go. Maybe that means I’ll be able to find a valentine before next week… Let me know if there are any takers 😉



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