Where Have We Been?!

It sure feels like fur-ever since my last blog post! I’m sure everyone has been wondering what me and my mom have been up to while we’ve been M.I.A. Have no fear, it sure has been an exciting few weeks and we can’t wait to tell you all what we’ve been doing! Mom and I have been working extremely hard on my Instagram, and others have noticed. Because of all this hard work, I’ve been invited to partake in several modeling opportunities!


Taken by: Kimberlee Miller Photography

I know what you’re thinking… Don’t let it all go to my head. Don’t worry, mom’s been way more excited about these photoshoots than I’ve been. A few weeks ago I was asked to be a part of a feature pet spread in a local magazine, Eagle Magazine. We got to do a whole interview about me! Afterwards, we had an awesome photographer take pictures of me and my mom together at Freak Alley. This was my second time going to Freak Alley, and I had even better than the first time. It was another busy day, but everyone wanted to pet me and give me some love. I even got a hug from a new friend. Mom said I did a great job having my picture taken, and we can’t wait to see how the photos turned out. We’ll be sure to share the article when it comes out in January!


Taken by: Kimberlee Miller Photography

The photographer from the magazine did a stylized wedding shoot last week that was absolutely stunning. She requested that I be a part of it (and I did my very best). I ended up jumping into some mud, but she still managed to capture some adorable photos of me. It’s hard to stay focused in the park when there are so many birds to chase! We recently found out that the wedding shoot was being picked up by another local magazine as well as Pottery Barn, so you may be seeing my face in a catalog soon!


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