Back on the Trails

The first hike I got to take with my mom happened a few months ago. We went out to Hidden Springs, Idaho, which is a short drive from where we live. Mom hasn’t been out hiking in a while, so we tried to keep things pretty easy. We started out on Red Tail Trail and then continued on Bitterbrush Trail. It was the perfect length for both of us to enjoy our Sunday afternoon (and of course take some pictures, too)!


One of my favorite activities is hiking. I love when my mom sets me free from my leash and lets me run around on the trails. As a gun dog, I believe it’s my personal duty to find, flush, and chase all of the birds I can find. Occasionally, some mini birds would flutter over my head, and I followed them as far as I could. Mom says those little birds are called butterflies, but who knows what that means. All I know is there were tons of them on our hike!


Is that cookie for me?

For the first few months of my life, my mom wasn’t able to hike with me. After her accident, she had to refrain from doing activities that exerted too much energy. Though she normally spends a lot of time out on the trails, this was the first hike that we were able to take together. And boy was it fun! Mom says that Idaho has some of the best trails, and some pretty awesome views if you can manage to look away from my adorable face. We timed our hike perfectly to catch a glimpse of the trees changing colors in October amongst the foothills. While it’s starting to become a chilly, rainy winter here in Idaho, it’s nice to look back on the sunny days on the trails (and my silly faces). Can’t wait to conquer a new trail soon!


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