Freakin’ Cool Alley

Finally, time for my first adventure post! One of my favorite things to do is go on escapades around town with my mom. She takes me to lots of interesting places, but one of my favorites to date has been Freak Alley. Freak Alley is an outdoor art gallery in downtown Boise, Idaho. They have a wide variety of murals, and mom made me take pictures with all of them *sigh*. This was my first ever photoshoot, and I think I did a pretty good job for a newbie!


We decided to go downtown on a Saturday afternoon back in September, and it happened to be half a block from where Oktoberfest was occurring. Mom has a difficult time being around large groups of people, especially after her car accident. One of the reasons why she wanted to get a dog was to have a companion for when she’s overwhelmed by crowds. This was the first time I ever had to help her through a situation like this. She said I was the perfect dog for the job because I stayed by her side and I gave her something else to focus on instead of her anxiety. We even managed to have a good time!


Besides helping mom enjoy our trip, I took plenty of dog model worthy photos. I also got a lot (A LOT) of cookies for being so good. Since everyone from Oktoberfest was walking around Freak Alley, there were all kinds of humans watching me pose. Mom said I did exceptionally well for having so many “distractions,” but I call those distractions friends. My favorite part about going out is meeting new people. Before my mom brought me home, I lived in a house with 3 little girls who were all under the age of 8. When we were at Freak Alley, a family came up and asked to pet me. They had a daughter about the same age as the girls I lived with, and I was so excited to meet her! I wanted to meet everyone on the street when we were walking around, but I have a special place in my heart for the little people that are still growing just like me!



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