The Oregon Trail

One of my favorite things about Idaho is that there are so many places to explore, and many times we don’t run into other people when we’re there. This Saturday we went to hike a trail that we had never been to before. Mom really wanted to get a picture of me with a pretty landscape behind me. We headed to the Oregon Trail Reserve in the morning in search of good times and great views.


While we only saw one other person on the trail, there were tons of crickets, bugs, and birds out. My favorite thing is to chase the shadows of all the flying creatures. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to go on a hike. The weather has been so hot, with added poor air quality from nearby wildfires, that we’ve been stuck inside most days. I was eager to get out on the trail, and speed-walked with mom up the trail.


Once we got far enough down the trail, we reached some amazing views. Behind me you can see the Boise River and Black Cliffs. There were so many cool views from up here! I even spotted some fly fishermen down below in the river. The only way this day could’ve gotten better is if we were able to take a dip in the river after our hike. Luckily, mom says that our next adventure will involve water, and I can’t wait!

Downtown Boise

For those of you who don’t know, Boise is the capitol of Idaho. In the spirit of my boss attitude, mom decided to take me to the Capitol building for a photoshoot. Of course, I felt perfectly at home in a place that holds lots of power. We started our trip around downtown at the Cecil D. Andrus Park across from the Capitol. It’s a great place to find some shade, and sit on a bench (or the grass) in the shade.


After we enjoyed the park and Capitol, we walked around downtown. We strolled down 8th Street, and even made a new friend! An older man approached my mom at a crosswalk and asked if I was an English Setter. He told her that he and his wife had two Setters and complimented how beautiful I am, (I know I am, but I love to hear it from other people). Mom loves when people are familiar with English Setters and enjoys talking to them about the breed. On the flip side of that, lots of people approach my mom to ask what breed of dog I am, and one of her favorite things is educating people on English Setters.


Downtown Boise can get hot in the afternoons, so I was ready for a drink of water. On the way back to the car, we passed Boise City Hall. Outside of City Hall is a sculpture with water that flows over the ground around it. My first instinct was to lay down in the water to cool off. Mom thinks it’s funny that instead of drinking water, I’ll immediately lay down in any water we come across on our adventures. While I was soaking up the water and sun, a couple of kids came over to the fountain to splash around me. Boy, was I ready for a nap after that adventure!


Hobble Creek Park

Another new addition to our Boise park tour includes a little park that we didn’t know about until mom looked it up. There’s a park tucked away in the Hobble Creek Neighborhood between the YMCA and a school. We went here several times because there were few people around, and we had lots of places to explore.


Mom let me climb on the playground because there weren’t any kids around! I still am not too sure about going down slides though. We also walked around the open grassy areas and even had some time to sit down and relax. We encountered a few people, but we made it to the park just before a big storm hit.


My favorite part about this park was the baseball field. Mom made me stand on home plate so that she could take pictures of me (mamarazzi to the extreme). We’ve been working on my on leash training, and this park provided the perfect environment to do so. Maybe next time we’ll plan to go when it isn’t raining so there will be more furiends to meet!


We Missed You!

The last few months have been more than a little hectic, but we have so many new adventures to share with you all. Mom has been sick for a few months now, and had to get her gallbladder taken out, so we’ve had some down time to focus more on my Instagram. Since the blog caters more to stories of our adventures, we haven’t had a lot to share until now.


The weather has finally been getting warmer to allow for more time spent outside. Lately we’ve been going on an adventure at least once a day when mom is feeling up to it. We’re trying to go to lots of different parks around the Boise area because mom wants me to be exposed to different people and places. Lately one of our favorite parks has been Julius Kliener Park in Meridian. I like going to walk around the park with mom because there are so many things to see. In the middle of the park is a pond that has lots of ducks and geese. My favorite thing is watching the birds fly around, (and of course trying to chase them).


For some reason mom won’t let me go after any of them, but they smell so good. We also have met some other dog friends at this park. Mom says I prefer dog friends that are smaller than me, but I try to get along with the bigger dogs, too. Right by the park is a shopping center called The Village. We were at the park on a Saturday evening and mom took me to walk around the stores and restaurants. There were lots of people, and I wanted to say hi and see what people had in their bags. Some might call me a little snoop. My favorite part of The Village is that all of the doors to the stores were open, so I tried to do some shopping while I was there. Unfortunately, they didn’t accept puppy kisses as a form of payment. Can’t wait to share more stories of what we’ve been up to and what’s to come over the summer!


Eagle Island

Our big adventures have been limited recently as mom hasn’t felt up to doing much. But, she had a good day last Saturday, and we were able to visit a new park that I had never been to before! Eagle Island State Park is close to our house and has lots going on year round. In the summer, there’s swimming, a water slide, and a frisbee golf course. In the winter, there’s tubing and skiing, plus trails to walk and horseback ride all year. Boy, was this place fun!


When we first got out of the car, we could hear cows mooing off in the distance. We never did find the cows, but I’m not sure that I would’ve liked them if we did. There were plenty of open, grassy areas for us to stop and take pictures. Some even had the snow-covered mountains in the background. There were also lots of other people around with their families and dogs as it was one of the first warm days we’ve had, but I didn’t seem to mind.


I was so interested in all of the smells that were around. There were definitely lots of animals here, (I picked up on all of the birds). What really peaked my interest was these huge dogs that mom called, “horses.” I don’t see those very often, and I’m not too sure what they are, but boy are they weird looking. I would back away and stare up at them, frozen, until they had passed by. You can never be too careful around things that big! Especially when they were all over the place. The people on the horses repeatedly told me how pretty I am though, so I let them move along without barking. It seems as though everyone likes me wherever I go. Maybe that means I’ll be able to find a valentine before next week… Let me know if there are any takers 😉


Where Have We Been?!

It sure feels like fur-ever since my last blog post! I’m sure everyone has been wondering what me and my mom have been up to while we’ve been M.I.A. Have no fear, it sure has been an exciting few weeks and we can’t wait to tell you all what we’ve been doing! Mom and I have been working extremely hard on my Instagram, and others have noticed. Because of all this hard work, I’ve been invited to partake in several modeling opportunities!


Taken by: Kimberlee Miller Photography

I know what you’re thinking… Don’t let it all go to my head. Don’t worry, mom’s been way more excited about these photoshoots than I’ve been. A few weeks ago I was asked to be a part of a feature pet spread in a local magazine, Eagle Magazine. We got to do a whole interview about me! Afterwards, we had an awesome photographer take pictures of me and my mom together at Freak Alley. This was my second time going to Freak Alley, and I had even better than the first time. It was another busy day, but everyone wanted to pet me and give me some love. I even got a hug from a new friend. Mom said I did a great job having my picture taken, and we can’t wait to see how the photos turned out. We’ll be sure to share the article when it comes out in January!


Taken by: Kimberlee Miller Photography

The photographer from the magazine did a stylized wedding shoot last week that was absolutely stunning. She requested that I be a part of it (and I did my very best). I ended up jumping into some mud, but she still managed to capture some adorable photos of me. It’s hard to stay focused in the park when there are so many birds to chase! We recently found out that the wedding shoot was being picked up by another local magazine as well as Pottery Barn, so you may be seeing my face in a catalog soon!

Back on the Trails

The first hike I got to take with my mom happened a few months ago. We went out to Hidden Springs, Idaho, which is a short drive from where we live. Mom hasn’t been out hiking in a while, so we tried to keep things pretty easy. We started out on Red Tail Trail and then continued on Bitterbrush Trail. It was the perfect length for both of us to enjoy our Sunday afternoon (and of course take some pictures, too)!


One of my favorite activities is hiking. I love when my mom sets me free from my leash and lets me run around on the trails. As a gun dog, I believe it’s my personal duty to find, flush, and chase all of the birds I can find. Occasionally, some mini birds would flutter over my head, and I followed them as far as I could. Mom says those little birds are called butterflies, but who knows what that means. All I know is there were tons of them on our hike!


Is that cookie for me?

For the first few months of my life, my mom wasn’t able to hike with me. After her accident, she had to refrain from doing activities that exerted too much energy. Though she normally spends a lot of time out on the trails, this was the first hike that we were able to take together. And boy was it fun! Mom says that Idaho has some of the best trails, and some pretty awesome views if you can manage to look away from my adorable face. We timed our hike perfectly to catch a glimpse of the trees changing colors in October amongst the foothills. While it’s starting to become a chilly, rainy winter here in Idaho, it’s nice to look back on the sunny days on the trails (and my silly faces). Can’t wait to conquer a new trail soon!

Freakin’ Cool Alley

Finally, time for my first adventure post! One of my favorite things to do is go on escapades around town with my mom. She takes me to lots of interesting places, but one of my favorites to date has been Freak Alley. Freak Alley is an outdoor art gallery in downtown Boise, Idaho. They have a wide variety of murals, and mom made me take pictures with all of them *sigh*. This was my first ever photoshoot, and I think I did a pretty good job for a newbie!


We decided to go downtown on a Saturday afternoon back in September, and it happened to be half a block from where Oktoberfest was occurring. Mom has a difficult time being around large groups of people, especially after her car accident. One of the reasons why she wanted to get a dog was to have a companion for when she’s overwhelmed by crowds. This was the first time I ever had to help her through a situation like this. She said I was the perfect dog for the job because I stayed by her side and I gave her something else to focus on instead of her anxiety. We even managed to have a good time!


Besides helping mom enjoy our trip, I took plenty of dog model worthy photos. I also got a lot (A LOT) of cookies for being so good. Since everyone from Oktoberfest was walking around Freak Alley, there were all kinds of humans watching me pose. Mom said I did exceptionally well for having so many “distractions,” but I call those distractions friends. My favorite part about going out is meeting new people. Before my mom brought me home, I lived in a house with 3 little girls who were all under the age of 8. When we were at Freak Alley, a family came up and asked to pet me. They had a daughter about the same age as the girls I lived with, and I was so excited to meet her! I wanted to meet everyone on the street when we were walking around, but I have a special place in my heart for the little people that are still growing just like me!



Hello furiends and hoomans! Welcome to Hustlin’ and Bustlin’. My name is Busta and I’m a chestnut colored English Setter from Idaho. Some may think that English Setters are regal show animals, but I prefer to think I’m a good looking pup with a ghetto side. My mom named me after the rap legend Busta Rhymes, so I must have a little bit of bad boy in me somewhere! If you didn’t know already, I have my very own Instagram that I post on every day. This blog is my way of sharing stories and experiences from my various adventures, while being able to add more detail than Instagram allows. But don’t fret, our Instagram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Before I jump paws first into sharing all of my escapades, you might want to know a little bit more about me. I’m a six month old puppy, and was born on May 10th, 2017. My mom was in need of a canine friend after a car accident forced her out of school and flipped her life upside down. She brought me home in July, and we’ve been best buds ever since. While mom isn’t able to go to school or work because of her health, we get to have all kinds of fun on days that she’s feeling well. I love to hit the trails and go for a long hike, flushing birds and chasing butterflies. I also enjoy going to various local businesses around town and making new friends, (coffee shops are my favorite). I’m sure you can already see that I’m a handsome boy, so it won’t come as a surprise that I get all the ladies to give me kisses and cookies when I’m out on the town. If you ever run into me, I’m always willing to accept pets on the head!

I look forward to sharing more with you guys in the future and hope that you’ll enjoy my new blog!

Keep hustlin’,